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Welcome to Haulgood LLC, the premier choice for reliable and efficient RV and boat transportation services in all forty-eight states of the USA. We are well acquainted with the special requirements and needs of transporting your prized recreational vehicles and boats thanks to our 35 years of boating experience. Our goal is to offer customised, ecologically responsible, and secure transportation solutions that put your satisfaction and the security of your priceless goods first.

At Haulgood LLC, we exclusively offer transport and hauling services for RVs and boats. Our ability to master our profession and ensure that every journey we take is carried out with the utmost skill and care is made possible by our unwavering focus. We have you covered whether you need to move your family’s RV for a vacation or entrust us to transport your cherished watercraft to a new location.

Boat Hauling in Jacksonville, FL
RV Hauling in Jacksonville, FL

Best Boat & RV Transport Company in Jacksonville, FL

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Experience Is Essential!  Haulgood LLC is a reputable industry leader with over 35 years of experience transporting RVs, boats, vintage cars, and exotic cars. Your priceless assets will receive the care and consideration they deserve thanks to our outstanding credibility and dedication to excellence. Select the qualified experts at Haulgood LLC when you need dependable towing. Our top priority is your journey!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my vehicle insured during transport?

Yes, we provide full protection and liability protection for your vehicle while it is being transported. Be at ease knowing that your possessions are protected while traveling.

2. Do you offer international transport services?

At the moment, we only conduct business in the 48 states of the USA. Although we do not currently provide services for international transport, we are available to help you with any domestic transport need.

3. How long does it take for one transportation to reach its destination?

Depending on the distance and unique circumstances, the time varies. When you book our services, we’ll give you a projected delivery date to ensure transparency and your peace of mind.

4. What types of RVs and boats does Haulgood LLC transport?

Haulgood LLC transports a wide range of RVs, from motorhomes to travel trailers, and boats of various sizes, including sailboats, yachts, and powerboats.

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Did you know that the United States Department of transportation requires that anyone that transport goods on any us highways must have their DOT /MC authority? This is very important as if you decide to go with a non-approved transport company you will be personally responsible in the event of an accident. Non-authorized transport companies to do not carry insurance that will cover your property. In fact, if the owner of the item being shipped has their own insurance policy that most insurance companies will deny the claim stating policy owner failed to check the hired transporters authority and Insurance information.